Before we went to Arkansas, I asked Tim if he’d take me kayaking. I’d never been, and thought I should try it before it was too late.

I met him and Joshua at Tim’s house, and we drove a short distance to Piney Bay, part of Lake Dardanelle that is connected to the larger portion of the lake by a long channel. I squeezed into my kayak. My left foot was wedged in sideways, and for the next two hours I couldn’t move it. The seat had a very short back, which gave me no back support. I was soon uncomfortable and there wasn’t anything I could do about it, but I enjoyed being out on the water.

Tim was in another kayak and Joshua was in a canoe. We paddled along the shore and then up the channel a ways. It had rained a lot during the week, so the water was high and several waterfalls were pouring down the hillsides.

After a couple of minutes of getting used to the kayak, I felt secure. I didn’t hesitate to head out into the middle of the channel to get closer looks at a large flock of Bonaparte’s Gulls. We also saw White Pelicans, Kingfishers, and a Bald Eagle.

I wasn’t in great kayaking shape, so after about an hour, I decided to turn back. I encouraged Tim and Joshua to keep going. They did take off an explore a side creek, but they soon caught up to me. The adventure of getting out of the kayak and unbending was the chief excitement of the day. I would do it again, but only if I had room for my legs and more back support. Tim took some photos along the way. It was only after looking at them that I realized how pathetically slowly I was going.

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