Kenosha Twins vs. Peoria Chiefs — August 17, 1989

Sally, Beth (her first professional baseball game) and I drove up and met the Weddles at the park. Kelli’s boyfriend also came along. We had great seats on the first-base side, with our backs against a chain-link fence.

When the line-up for Peoria was announced, the fans got involved. The announcer said, “Batting first, the D.H., #2 … Warren Arrington.” The crowd shouted, “Who?” The announcer came back with “Arrington.” The crowd then shouted, “Ohh.” This continued throughout the entire Peoria batting order. Then the announcer said, “And now, our Kenosha Twins!” I yelled, “Who?”

This photo shows the view of home plate from our first seats. Linda and Kelli can be seen walking down below.

One of the interesting features of the park is the train tracks that ran just beyond the outfield fence.

Right when the game got started, a fat, beer-drinking idiot sat down by us and began screaming an incessant string of inane comments at the top of his lungs. Kelli and her boyfriend moved to the other side of the park after just one batter. The rest of us followed at the end of the half inning. Our new seats weren’t nearly as good — at the end of the stands down the right-field line.

The park was not very well lit, and we had a hard time following the ball off the bat. In this photo, the Chiefs have the bases loaded in the ninth inning. They didn’t score.

Beth strolled around the gravel area between our seats and the fence. She made friends with Chiefs’ first-base coach Rick Kranitz and invited him to her third birthday party in three weeks. He was unable to come. The Twins lost 3-0.

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