Lesser Goldfinch

Back to a five-day workweek after taking most of May off, so there will be fewer bird photos. This Lesser Goldfinch was easy. He stopped for a bit at the very top of the tree 20 feet outside my study window and sang his jumbled song. The guy who used to live across the street always put out thistle seed in the summer, and so this bird may have come looking for that—in vain. I have quit putting out seed because the woman next door has three cats that she lets roam the neighborhood. They frequently relax on our front porch—to my constant irritation. That probably explains why the Say’s Phoebe didn’t build a nest this summer on the platform I built for them. The neighbor is a friendly lady, and I bear her no ill will, but I wasn’t sad when she told me she’s moving in July. Perhaps I will put out the feeder then.

It’s June 3, and none of the trees on our street have leafed out or appear to be even close. I’m pretty sure they’re all dead [update from 2022—they’re still dead]. We didn’t get the spring snows this year that usually occur—perhaps they just didn’t get enough water when they most needed it.

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