Lexington Green — Lexington, Massachusetts

On the way back to Boston, we stopped in Lexington, parking along the famous green. Mom and Dad went looking for a pay phone and a bank. I wandered over to the visitor center which turned out to be nothing more than an anemic gift shop. I wandered around the green for a few minutes. There were a couple of temporary platforms waiting for the festivities on the anniversary of the battle (two days after our visit).

The church in the postcard and in the panoramic shot is the First Parish Church,

The statue in the other postcard is of Captain Parker, the leader of the 77 Minute Men who stood up to more than 400 British troops on this site.

Buckman Tavern is in the background. The Minute Men assembled in this building before heading out to do battle on the morning of April 19, 1775. It was still cold and damp, and the town was humming with people.

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