Marquette, Michigan

On Thursday morning, we left Jeff and Cindy’s and drove north into the Upper Peninsula. We made it to Marquette by lunchtime and ate at Big Boy. These restaurants used to be all over the place — I remember one on Rand Road in Mt. Prospect where I ate many times. But now there’s only one left in Illinois. There are 17 in California, four in other states and over 100 in Michigan. If you’ve never been to one, imagine the menu of Steak ‘n Shake with the prices of Red Robin. I used to collect the free Big Boy comic books — I don’t think they offer them anymore.


After lunch, we drove to the shore of Lake Superior and walked on the beach by the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. On Internet photos, it appears to be bright red, but we thought it looked pink.

I was fighting a very bright afternoon sun, so most of my photos didn’t turn out. I carried the chair around looking for a good shot. I passed a group of people sitting on the beach. My wife and daughter were several paces behind me and heard them discussing what I was doing. One woman, with a voice filled with scorn, said, “He’s a chair lover.” My daughter said she walked closer to me to let them know she didn’t appreciate what they were saying about her dad. My wife said she walked further away so they wouldn’t know she had anything to do with me.



Off in the distance to the north, we could see the Presque Isle Harbor Lighthouse.

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