Michigan City Lighthouse — Michigan City, Indiana

After birding in the Indiana Dunes, I drove a short distance east to see this lighthouse. When I arrived, the lady at the desk told me I was too late for a tour. She then proceeded to usher me into the next room and gave me a tour. She showed me all the lighthouse stuff and explained the history of the lighthouse. She then told me I had to look at the rest of the stuff on my own. But the rest of the stuff was just a bunch of local junk, so I didn’t stay long. The lady seemed surprised that I was leaving so soon, but I explained that I wanted to take outside pictures before the gates were closed.

Michigan City Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1858 for $8,000. The building was in service for 46 years until the light was moved to the end of the harbor pier. The new light went into service in 1904. This building was remodeled and used as the keepers’ residence. Some changes were made, but the Michigan City Historical Society has since restored it to its pre-1904 appearance.

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