No Highway in the Sky

directed by Henry Koster
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:06/06/2007
Date Watched:11/20/2005
Description:Theodore Honey is an aeronautical engineer being sent to Labrador from London to examine the wreckage of a new passenger plane designed by his company. His theory is that the planes are susceptible to metal fatigue after a specific amount of time in the air. The absent minded Honey boards the Reindeer class plane and only realizes that this plane is due to fail in the next few hours after the plane is airborne.
My Rating:8

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Review - No Highway in the Sky

Theodore Honey is a bookish engineer working on his theory that the metal in the new Reindeer airplanes is subject to vibration and will fail after 14,040 hours of flight. Since it’s just a theory, his bosses are reluctant to take action. They send him to Labrador to investigate the crash of a Reindeer. On the way, he discovers that the plane he is on is a Reindeer with over 14,000 hours of flight. He talks to the stewardess, Marjorie Corder and the pilot, and while they are somewhat worried, the flight continues. Honey notices a movie star, Monica Teasdale, sitting a few rows ahead of him. His wife, now deceased, used to love Monica’s movies, so Honey talks to her and tells her where to go to have the best chance of surviving a crash. But when the plane lands in Labrador safely, the pilot refuses to take Honey on and puts him in the custody of Marjorie. When it becomes apparent to Honey that the pilot intends to continue the flight, he goes aboard and raises the landing gear, causing the plane to fall and break. Honey is sent back to England on an air force plane. Marjorie gets there ahead of him and goes to stay with Honey’s 12-year-old daughter Elspeth. Monica goes back too, puts in a good word for Honey with his bosses and buys a bunch of nice stuff for Elspeth (who is being raised to be bookish and dull like her father).

At the hearing, Honey is lambasted and the Reindeers are left in service. But then two things happen — the tail of the crashed Reindeer is found and shows signs of fatigue and the plane Honey flew on had the tail fall off just after it landed. Then the tail assembly Honey was doing his experiments on falls off, prove inconclusively that he was right. Honey goes back to work, but Marjorie announces that she’s going to stay and marry him.

A good old-fashioned story. I like Nevil Shute and I like Jimmy Stewart, and except for a rather abrupt ending, it was excellent.
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