An American in Paris

directed by Vincente Minnelli
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:12/14/2007
Date Watched:12/17/2015
Description:Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly), a struggling American painter in Paris, is "discovered" by an influential heiress with an interest in more than Jerry's art. Jerry in turn falls for Lise (Leslie Caron), a young French girl already engaged to a cabaret singer who used to be her guardian. Jerry jokes, sings and dances with his best friend, an acerbic would-be concert pianist, while romantic complications abound. He finally gets up the nerve to tell Lise how he feels. She says she loves him in return but can't disappoint her fiance. But the fiance overhears and releases her to Jerry.
My Rating:7

Reviews for An American in Paris

Review - An American in Paris

Contains a lot of familiar songs — "Our Love Is Here to Stay," "I Got Rhythm," 'S Wonderful," "Embraceable You," "But Not For Me," all by George Gerswhin.

Not my favorite movie, by any stretch, but Kelly's and Caron's characters are likeable and the sets and songs are impressive.

The long ballet sequence at the end takes place on sets designed to mimic famous French impressionist painters.
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