Kiss Them for Me

directed by Stanley Donen
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1957
Date Added:04/22/2008
Date Watched:06/25/2005
My Rating:6

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Review - Kiss Them for Me

Crewson, McCann and Mississip are Navy pilots who have received awards for their service. When they are given a chance for a four-day leave in San Francisco, they jump at the chance. They determine to stay in their hotel suite and spend the time with wine and women. Lt. Wallace, who travels with them, has other ideas. He wants them to give a series of speeches for Turnbull, an industrialist. Crewson and Turnbull don’t hit if off well, especially when Crewson refuses to give the speeches and instead runs off with Gwinneth Livingston, Turnbull’s girlfriend. Turnbull pulls some strings to get the three pilots ordered to report to the hospital, but Wallace gets them out and arranges for them to work for another industrialist so they don’t have to return to the front. Crewson and Livingston fall in love and she breaks off with Turnbull. McCann gets elected to Congress. But when their flight is about to leave, all three men decide that the job isn’t finished and they need to return to the war.

Cary Grant was amusing, as always, and Ray Walston did a fine job. Jayne Mansfield played the part of a girl who kept showing up at the party in the suite, but mostly she just displayed her body and the fact that she had no acting talent whatsoever. I found her extraordinarily annoying. Suzy Parker, who played Gwinneth Livingston was immensely more attractive but not much better at acting. There were some amusing parts, and it gave me a chance to see Col. Klink from Hogan’s Heroes (Werner Klemperer as Lt. Walter Wallace) and Mel Cooley from the Dick Van Dyke Show (Richard Deacon as Bill Hotchkiss) on screen at the same time.
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