Love in the Afternoon

directed by Billy Wilder
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1957
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:03/26/2005
My Rating:6

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Review - Love in the Afternoon

Ariane is a cello student at the Paris conservatory. Her father is a private detective who follows wandering wives. A large number of those wives end up in the apartment of American millionaire Frank Flannagan. Ariane reads her fathers files and falls in love with Frank’s picture. When she hears an angry husband say he’s going to kill him, she goes to his apartment, helps him spirit the wife out of there and poses as Frank’s girl when the husband shows up. She doesn’t tell Frank who she is, but agrees to meet him again the next afternoon.

Frank leaves Paris, but when he returns months later, he meets Ariane by mistake at the opera. They start meeting again. She’s only come to see him in the afternoons because she practices her cello in the evenings. Fully aware of Frank’s reputation, she poses as a worldly girl with many men of her own. Frank gets increasingly intrigues and finally hires Ariane’s father to follow this mysterious girl. He doesn’t need to. The clues are obvious and he goes to Frank’s apartment and tells him that Ariane is his daughter. Frank decides to do the right thing and leaves Paris, but Ariane follows him to the station and, in the end boards with him. A voiceover at the end says they get married and live in New York.

The difference in the ages of Cooper and Hepburn was so great as to be disturbing — there had to be at least 40 years between them. I could certainly see why Frank would fall for Ariane — who wouldn’t? But why would she fall for this old guy with total disrespect for women? And why wasn’t her father a great deal more upset? I gave it a 6. It would have scored lower except that Audrey was in it.
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