The Man from Laramie

directed by Anthony Mann
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1955
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:11/06/2005
My Rating:6

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Review - Man from Laramie, The

Will Lockhart travels to a small town to find the man who is selling rifles to the Apaches because his brother was killed by an Apache. He finds the town firmly in the control of rancher Alec Waggoman. Waggoman’s jerk of a son Dave finds Lockhart loading wagons with salt. He burns the wagons, shoots Lockhart’s mules and has Lockhart dragged through a campfire. He’s only stopped by Vic Hansbro, Waggoman’s foreman who is engaged to Barbara Waggoman (who runs the store in town). Lockhart takes a job with Kate Canady, another rancher, but soon has another run in with Dave, who shoots at him when he’s out herding cattle. Lockhart shoots back and wounds Dave in the hand. Dave’s men surround Lockhart and hold him while Dave shoots Lockhart in his hand. Dave rides off and uncovers a cache of rifles. He tries to signal the Apaches, but Vic rides up and quarrels with him. The two men are in the rifle-selling business together, but Vic (for some reason unexplained) doesn’t want to sell the rifles at that point. Vic ends up killing Dave and blames it on Lockhart. When Alec finds out, he rides to Canady’s ranch to kill Lockhart, but Alec is going blind and, in a ludicrous scene rides fill speed toward him while firing erratically.

Back at his ranch, Alec goes over his books and discovers the money that was used to buy the rifles. He figures out what is going on and rides out to look for the rifles with Vic. Vic pushes Alec off a cliff. Lockhart finds him and takes him to Canady’s. When Alec comes too, he tells Lockhart that Vic is the man he’s looking for. Lockhart follows Vic to the rifles. He forces Vic to push the wagon off the cliff, destroying the rifles. He then determines to kill Vic, but can’t bring himself to do it. No need. As Vic rides off, the Apaches, angry because their rifles have been destroyed, kill him themselves. Lockhart, his mission accomplished, rides off with a hint of getting together in the future with Barbara.

Not bad, but not very memorable. Some major plot holes — why was Vic angry that Dave was selling the rifles to the Apaches? Why did the rifles explode when the wagon was pushed off the cliff?
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