Sunset Boulevard

directed by Billy Wilder
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1950
Date Added:07/18/2008
Date Watched:11/12/2005
My Rating:3

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Review - Sunset Boulevard

Unemployed movie script writer Joe Gillis is fleeing from the men sent to repossess his car. He ducks into a driveway and finds himself in front of a huge Hollywood mansion. He’s beckoned inside by a woman and discovers himself in the presense of Norma Desmond, a reclusive actress who still imagines herself in her glory days as a silent film star. The only person she sees is her butler, who also happens to be her old director and first husband. He keeps Norma from realizing that she’s a has-been.

Norma hires Joe to work on a script she’s been writing for her big come-back. He needs the money and agrees, even when it becomes apparent that the script is no good and that Norma just wants him around as a crutch. He becomes a kept man and is showered with gifts. He moves into the bedroom next to Norma’s.

When the script is ready, Norma sends it to Cecil B. DeMille. When the studio calls, Norma assumes it’s DeMille wanting to talk about the picture. She goes down to the studio and meets a bunch of workers on the lot who remember her from when she was big. DeMille doesn’t have the heart to tell her she’s finished, so she leaves thinking she’s got a picture. She gets all sorts of work done to make her look younger. Meanwhile, Joe has met Betty, a studio script reader, who wants to be a writer and thinks one of Joe’s scripts has merit. They begin working late at night, with Joe sneaking out of Norma’s house. Joe and Betty fall in love. Norma finds out and calls Betty to scare her off. Joe, disgusted with himself, tells Betty to come over to Norma’s. Betty is willing to forgive him if he’ll leave, but he sends her away, then starts to pack to go back to Ohio. Norma can’t take it and shoots him. Joe falls dead into the swimming pool. When the newsreel men come to take pictures, Norma thinks she’s in a movie and starts posing.

A disgusting movie. Gloria Swanson was grotesque, as she was supposed to be. I need somebody to root for to enjoy a movie and this movie offered nobody, except perhaps Betty, but she was a bit player and stupid to fall for Joe.
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