Fort Apache

directed by John Ford
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1948
Date Added:12/31/2008
Date Watched:12/31/2008
Description:By-the-books Lt. Col. Owen Thursday (Henry Fonda) is assigned to Fort Apache in the Arizona Territory. He brings his daughter Philadelphia (Shirley Temple) who soon falls for an officer. When the Apaches leave the reservation, Thursday's second-in-command Capt. Kirby York (John Wayne) gets the Indians to agree to return as long as a corrupt Indian agent is fired. Thursday refused to deal and sends York to the rear, then leads his troop on a brave but disasterous charge that gets them all destroyed. York and the survivors make Thursday out to be a hero. He's made commanding officer. Philadelphia remains at the post and marries her officer.
My Rating:7

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Review - Fort Apache

I don't care for Henry Fonda, so it was fun watching him be a jerk that gets his due, and so I guess in that role he does a good job. John Wayne isn't as boisterous as he frequently is, and suits his role perfectly. Shirley Temple was 20 when this was filmed, but she looked and acted about 14.
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