Call Northside 777

directed by Henry Hathaway
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1948
Date Added:11/30/2009
Date Watched:11/30/2009
Description:Based closely on a real case. P.J. McNeal (James Stewart) is a reporter for a Chicago newspaper who becomes interested in an 11-year old case. Frank Wiecek was convicted of killing a policeman and sentence to 99 years in prison. His mother has slaved as a cleaning lady to earn $5,000 to offer as a reward for anyone who can prove Frank's innocence. McNeal takes the human interest angle at first, but as his investigation proceeds, he comes to believe in Frank's innocence and helps free from prison.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Call Northside 777

Review - Call Northside 777

James Stewart was good as the dedicated reporter. The story was OK, but not at all suspenseful. The movie concentrated on old technology — lie-detector machines and sending photos over a wire — that don't look so fancy now but were interesting from an historical viewpoint.
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