Vera Cruz

directed by Robert Aldrich
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1954
Date Added:09/07/2010
Date Watched:09/08/2010
Description:Two Americans, Confederate veteran Benjamin Trane (Gary Cooper) and outlaw Joe Erin (Burt Lancaster) head to Mexico to hire out as mercenaries in the Mexican Civil War. They're hired by Maximillian to escort a countess to Vera Cruz, but they soon figure out that her coach contains $3 million in gold. The rest of the movie involves the two men, the countess and a Mexican marquis (Ceasar Romero) trying to cheat each other out of the money. The marquis makes off with it. The two men team with the revolutionaries to get it back. When they get the gold, Erin tries to double-cross Trane, who kills him and gives the money to the Mexicans.
My Rating:7

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Review - Vera Cruz

The characters of Cooper and Lancaster carried the movie and were fun to watch. The rest of it was typical and silly.
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