Against All Odds

directed by Taylor Hackford
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1984
Date Added:11/22/2010
Date Watched:11/23/2010
Description:Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) is an aging football player who has unwisely associated with hoodlum Jake Wise (James Woods). Wise sends Brogan to Mexico to find his girlfriend, Jesse Wyler (Rachel Ward). Brogan finds Jesse but falls in love with her and decides to hide out and not tell Jake. Jakes sends one of his henchmen and, in a scuffle, Jesse shoots him. Desperate, she returns to Jake but still loves Brogan. Brogan returns and Jake attempts to frame him for murder. This time, Jesse shoots Jake. Jesse's rich stepfather makes a deal with Brogan — he can return to football if he never sees Jesse again. And that's where it ends.

The movie is a remake of Out of the Past.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Against All Odds

Review - Against All Odds

Its got some interesting scenes, and its got Rachel Ward, but it also has the lamest ending of any movie ever. Brogan and girl just sort of look at each other and we're left to wonder if maybe they get together sometime in the future.
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