A Lady Takes a Chance

directed by William A. Seiter
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1943
Date Added:12/07/2010
Date Watched:12/08/2010
Description:New York girl Molly (Jean Arthur) takes a two week bus tour of the west. On one stop, she meets Duke (John Wayne) a rodeo cowboy. They go out for a beer, and Molly misses her bus. Duke gets a little friendlier than Molly is comfortable with, and they spat. But she needs to get to the next town and Duke is her only ride. She soon decides she wants to marry him. He decides he wants no part of that, so she takes the bus back to New York. Duke meets her there and takes her back west.
My Rating:4

Reviews for A Lady Takes a Chance

Review - A Lady Takes a Chance

Two idiots fall in love. OK, I guess John Wayne might be interesting to some women, but why any man would find the whiny, insufferable and not-very-attractive Jean Arthur worth pursuing is beyond me.
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