Flame of the Barbary Coast

directed by Joseph Kane
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1945
Date Added:01/16/2011
Date Watched:01/16/2011
Description:Tito Morelia owns a San Francisco gambling hall. Cowboy Duke Ferguson (John Wayne) has a night's fling with Moreli's girl Ann (Ann Dvorak)and loses all his money. Duke reruns home to Montana and learns to gamble. He returns to SF and challenges Tito to a game of cards. He wins and opens his own casino, but it is destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. The town leaders get Duke to help them win an election over Tito's cronies. in the end, Duke decides to return to Montana, and Ann goes with him.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Flame of the Barbary Coast

Review - Flame of the Barbary Coast

pretty dull, especially the second half. The whole drama revolved around whether Ann would go with Duke or stay with Tito, but she wasn't exciting enough to make me care and there was never really any doubt anyway.
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