Magic Town

directed by William A. Wellman
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1947
Date Added:04/03/2012
Date Watched:04/03/2012
Description:Pollster Rip Smith (Jimmy Stewart) discovers that the town of Grandview reflects the demographics and opinions of the entire nation. He moves in and pretends to be an insurance salesman while secretly polling the people. He falls for newspaper editor Mary Peterman (Jany Wyman), but when she accidentally discovers what he's up to, she prints a story. The townspeople, caught up in the hype, become parodies of themselves and are soon the laughingstock of the country. Rip and Mary, sorry for what they've done, work together to convince the people to fight to get their town back.
My Rating:5

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Review - Magic Town

So ridiculously corny that it was a struggle to get through. It smacked of an earlier style movie in which people were just representatives of a type and not individuals.
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