Breakheart Pass

directed by Tom Gries
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1975
Date Added:08/03/2012
Date Watched:08/02/2012
Description:Deakin (Charles Bronson) is a government agent who poses as a criminal so he can get arrested and be put aboard a train heading to Fort Humboldt. He's tracking a stolen arms shipment. It soon develops that almost everyone on the train, including the Marshall that arrested him are in on the plot to arm the Indians and steal a gold shipment. The only people on Deakin's side are an army major (Ed Lauter) and Marica (Jill Ireland). Deakin manages to stop the train and hold things up long enough for the major to ride for help.
My Rating:4

Reviews for Breakheart Pass

Review - Breakheart Pass

The idea was good — an agent on a train full of bad guys in the old west — but there were so many plot flaws that the movie was almost unwatchable. Why did the bad guys allow Deakin unlimited access to the train? Why did the bad guys keep killing people and then pretend not to know what had happened to them if they knew the other people on the train were also bad? And if Fort Humbolt had already been taken over by bad guys and Indians, where did the major find the troops (after a 10 minute ride) to come and save the day? It had a lot of familiar faces (Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, Charles Durning, David Huddleston) but it didn't add up to a good movie.
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