Circus World

directed by Henry Hathaway
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1964
Date Added:09/01/2012
Date Watched:09/01/2012
Description:Matt Masters (John Wayne) takes his circus on tour of Europe. He's really looking for his old love Lili (Rita Hayworth) who disappeared 15 years earlier after her husband died on the trapeze. Matt has raised Lili's daughter Toni (Claudia Cardinale). When Lili finds out about the circus, she visits. Matt sees her and confronts her about hiding away. Lili decides to join the troupe, but Toni wants nothing to do with her — until there's a fire and Matt and Lili almost die. Toni, for unexplained reasons, changes her mind and performs next to her mother.
My Rating:5

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Review - Circus World

The movie never really gave reasons for why anything happened. We don't know for sure why Lili's husband died. (Was it because he found out about Matt and Lili?) We don't know why Matt raised Toni. We don't know how the circus ship tipped over or how the tent fire started or who told Toni how her father died, or why, or why Toni decided to forgive her mother and Matt after all. Rita Hayworth was a bit too old to be playing a circus performer.
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