Cheyenne Autumn

directed by John Ford
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1964
Date Added:02/13/2013
Date Watched:02/13/2013
Description:When the Cheyennes on their Oklahoma reservation don't get the food the government promised, the leave and head back to Wyoming. The army follows, let by sympathetic Capt. Archer (Richard Widmark) who is in love with Deborah Wright (Carroll Baker), a Quaker girl traveling with the Cheyennes. When winter sets in, part of the band surrenders. They come under the harsh command of Capt. Wessels (Karl Malden) and fight their way out again. They are about to be wiped out when Archer arrives with the Secretary of the Interior (Edward G. Robinson). In the middle of all this tragedy, there's a comedy sketch with Jimmy Stewart as Wyatt Earp, some drunken cowboys and some prostitutes that appears to have been edited in from another movie.
My Rating:5

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Review - Cheyenne Autumn

I watched it because Jimmy Stewart was in it. His small bit in the middle was the only entertaining part. The rest of the movie was slow and boring and preachy on the theme of "Indian good, White man bad."
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