The Babe

directed by Arthur Hiller
Category: "Sports"
Year of Release:1992
Date Added:06/21/2014
Date Watched:06/21/2014
Description:A supposed biography of Babe Ruth from 1902 when he was dropped off at the boys' school to the end of his playing career. John Goodman played Ruth. Kelly McGillis played his second wife, Claire.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Babe

Review - Babe, The

Not very good. The baseball scenes were awful. Ruth was portrayed as a spoiled jerk with the mental capacity of a five-year-old. In the movie, his driving ambition was to be a manager, and his failure to become one, great tragedy. Goodman doesn't look like any kind of athlete, and in the end, I didn't much care what happened to that version of the Babe.
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