The Country Girl

directed by George Seaton
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1954
Date Added:10/08/2014
Date Watched:10/08/2014
Description:Bernie Dodd (William Holden), a Broadway director, hires Frank Elgin (Bing Crosby) for the lead in his play. Frank used to be a famous singer and actor, but became an alcoholic after his son died. Bernie thinks Frank's wife Georgie (Grace Kelly) is the problem, that she puts him down and dominates him. When he finds out Frank has been lying about her and that she's the only reason he can function at all, Bernie changes his mind and falls in love with her. When Frank finally pulls it together and the play succeeds, Bernie asks Georgie to leave Frank and marry him. Georgie is tempted, but she's loyal and sees in Frank the man she loved before the accident and stays with him.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Country Girl

Review - Country Girl, The

Not at all the kind of movie I generally like, but the three stars were excellent and made it compelling. Grace Kelly's transformation from a dowdy woman to ... Grace Kelly earned her an Oscar.
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