Father Goose

directed by Ralph Nelson
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1964
Date Added:12/30/2014
Date Watched:05/06/2015
Description:Cary Grant is Walter, a drunken American bachelor who is conned into manning a spotting station on a remote island for the Australian Navy. While on a neighboring island to look for another coast watcher, he happens across spinster Catherine (Leslie Caron) who is in charge of bringing seven young girls to safely. Walter brings them back to his island. At first, his sloppy habits and crude manners collide with Catherine's refinement — she hides all his whiskey and kicks him out of his cabin. But slowly Walter begins to make friends with the girls and he and Catherine become attracted to each other. They get married over the radio just as the Japanese land on the island. Walter uses his boat to lure the Japanese craft into an ambush by the submarine sent to take them off the island.
My Rating:8

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Review - Father Goose

Fun movie that doesn't take much thought and has some chuckles along the way.
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