Ziegfeld Girl

directed by Busby Berkeley
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1941
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:07/08/2015
Description:Three women are picked to join Ziegfeld's Follies. Susan (Judy Garland) is a teenager with an act with her father. She's picked for her looks but when they discover she can sing she becomes the star — big enough to insist her father gets a shot in the show. To everyone's surprise, he's a hit. Sandra (Hedy Lamarr) leaves her violinist husband to join the follies and after a brief fling with a married man decides to quit the show and go back to her husband. Sheila (Lana Turner) ditches her truck driver boyfriend Gilbert (James Stewart) and soon goes downhill, drinking and carousing until she gets kicked off the show. Her health is ruined, but Gilbert comes back and still loves her, but it may be too late.
My Rating:5

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Review - Ziegfeld Girl

Little plot, boring songs, really ridiculous outfits. Jimmy Stewart's character starts as a truck farmer, becomes a driver for bootleggers, goes to jail and then becomes a duck farmer.
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