The Man from Utah

directed by Robert N. Bradbury
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1934
Date Added:01/12/2015
Date Watched:01/12/2015
Description:A very young John Wayne (called John Weston here) with a very large hat comes riding into town playing a guitar and singing (in a voice that doesn't sound at all like John Wayne's). He's just in time to help the marshal (Gabby Hayes) foil a bank robbery. The marshal hires him to go undercover to expose a gang that rigs rodeos (and, as it turns out, also robs banks). On the way, Weston happens upon a stagecoach robbery and breaks it up. In the stagecoach is Marjorie (Polly Ann Young, Loretta Young's untalented sister), the daughter of the judge in the rodeo town. When it appears that Weston is going to win the rodeo and take all the prizes, the gang tried to beat him up, then bribe him, the poison him with a needle in the saddle. Weston is a step ahead of them at every turn and puts a stop to their deadly scheme. And marries Marjorie after knowing her for total accumulated time of about 15 minutes.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Man from Utah

Review - Man from Utah, The

This movie was mostly enjoyable for being bad. The camera often couldn't keep up with the action scenes. The acting, even by Wayne, was high-school musical quality. Wayne's character never missed a shot or anything else either.

The rodeo footage (which filled a large chunk of the movie) was obviously shot at an actual rodeo somewhere or other, which was pretty funny because the town of about 150 people turned out a crowd of several thousand.
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