The Blues Brothers

directed by John Landis
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1980
Date Added:01/30/2015
Date Watched:10/10/2015
Description:Jake (John Belushi) — just out of prison — and his brother Elwood ( Dan Aykroyd) Blues set out to raise $5,000 to keep the children's home where they were raised open. The visit the members of their old band and convince them to get together. Meanwhile, they get on the bad side of state and city police, the Nazi party and a band of country singers — and Jake's ex-girlfriend (Carrie Fisher). They manage to elude them long enough to arrange, promote and put on a concert and get offered a recording contract that raises the needed money. In the end, they are back in prison, performing for the inmates. Along the way, they meet with many famous Blues singers including Cab Calloway, James Brown, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Blues Brothers

Review - Blues Brothers, The

I watched this many times in the early 80s and, while I enjoyed bits of it, found the whole thing rather long and boring. This time I enjoyed it more than I expected to, although I also found it sad because I knew that John Belushi, who was using cocaine during shooting, overdosed and died two years later.
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