The Bear That Wasn't

directed by Chuck Jones
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1967
Date Added:06/02/2015
Date Watched:06/02/2015
Description:An MGM short about a bear who enters a cave to hibernate and when he wakes up in the spring finds himself in the middle of a factory. The foreman discovers him gazing around and insists that he gets to work. The bear insists he's a bear. The foreman takes him up the chain of command, from the plant manager to three vice presidents and, finally, to the president. All of them insist the bear is just "a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat." They soon convince the bear that they're right and put him to work in the factory. But when fall comes around, the bear feels the urge to hibernate and decides he's a bear after all.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Bear That Wasn't

Review - Bear That Wasn't, The

Trippy and psychedelic morality trail about being true to who you really are and the evils of corporations. Very much a product of the 1960s. But it was also very redundant and long at almost 10 minutes.
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