The Great Locomotive Chase

directed by Francis D. Lyon
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1956
Date Added:07/15/2015
Date Watched:07/15/2015
Description:Union spy James J. Andrews (Fess Parker) leads a group of Union soldiers to Marietta, Georgia to steal a train. Their plan was to take it north, stopping to burn bridges and destroy track along the way. They didn't count on conductor William A. Fuller (Jeffrey Hunter). He chased, by foot, handcart and train and caught the stolen train. The Union soldiers took to the woods but were all caught and put in a Confederate prison. They orchestrated an escape, and several made it to the North where they were awarded Medals of Honor. Andrews and the others who didn't get away were hung.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Great Locomotive Chase

Review - Great Locomotive Chase, The

This movie is based on a real event. I'm not sure how closely to the real story it sticks. Maybe too closely. It's kinda dull and the opportunities the Union soldiers missed to destroy track, engines and bridges along their escape route was frustrating. They passed up chances to ruin track and engines because their main focus was the bridges. OK, I can get that. But when they got to the first bridge, they just set a box car on fire on the trestle and took off. when Hunter and his train came along, he simply pushed the box car off the bridge. It just didn't make for much of story in my opinion.
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