Captain America: Civil War

directed by Anthony Russo
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2016
Date Added:05/29/2016
Date Watched:05/28/2016
Description:After civilians are killed when the Avengers take out a bad guy, the government of 117 nations unite to insist the super-hero group submit to control. The head of the control group is killed by a bomb and the evidence points to Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier as the killer. Iron Man and several others submit to the control and set out after Bucky. Captain America refuses to believe his friend is guilty and he and several other Avengers set out to protect him. It all comes to a head with a big battle between the two groups of former allies. In the end, Captain proves that Bucky is innocent and all is left up in the air.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Captain America: Civil War

Review - Captain America: Civil War

Entertaining enough to keep my interest, but forgettable. As always with this movies, too much CGI and unlike some, very little humor.
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