Random Harvest

directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1942
Date Added:04/06/2021
Date Watched:04/06/2021
Description:Charles Rainier (Ronald Colman) is shells shocked in WWI and loses his memory for three years. During that time, he meets Paula, and actress, and marries her. Then he has an accident and remembers his former life—but forgets the three years. He returns to the family business and becomes wealthy. Paula follows and becomes his secretary and then his wife of convenience. Finally, he remembers who she is and all are happy.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Random Harvest

Review - Random Harvest

Not nearly as good as the novel. Greer Garson was good, but the suspense was removed because she was obviously the same woman as Rainier's earlier life. And Colman was a good thirty years too old for his role and walked through the movie like he was slowly dying.
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