Peoria Chiefs vs. Kenosha Twins — May 11, 1990

A friend and I drove down and spent the afternoon birding around Peoria before going to the Chiefs game. We received a free umbrella as we entered Meinen Field. Our seats were fantastic — right behind home plate. The park was clean and attractive. There were even cute usherettes who came around with wool mittens and wiped our seats before we sat down.

There weren’t many people at the game (2,448 to be exact) and in the second inning we moved down and sat in the front row.

The game was exciting, if sloppy. Peoria pitcher, Henry Gomez, had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning. I won a door prize — a $10 gift certificate for the local Butternut Bread Surplus Store.

We left the park at 10:40 and got home around 1:45 am. The Chiefs won 7-4.

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