Reptile-Amphibian #7 — American Alligator

alligator mississippiensis

Saturday, July 21, 1990 — 3:50 pm

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina

I was watching a flock of wading birds out on the marsh when I heard a scraping noise down the road. I saw something dark slither out of the tall grass and stop at the edge of the gravel. At first, I thought it was a snake, but when I looked with my binoculars, I saw it was a three-foot Alligator. I started toward it to get a picture, but it turned and scurried back into the marsh.

I later saw some larger ones floating in a canal and one at least nine-feet long basking in a small pool. As I approached, it slipped out of sight under the surface without a ripple.

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