Thanksgiving in Arkansas

Over the years, Sally and I have visited the Happy Valley for several Thanksgivings, at least 13 Christmases, three weddings, a graduation, a birthday, a mortgage burning and a few vacations. I’ve walked the yard and the neighborhood countless times looking for birds. I’ve played many games of Frisbee and football in the yard with brothers-in-law.

Here’s what the house looked like 29 years ago when the Sperrys bought it, and what it looks like now.

Here’s the backyard, then and now. The trailer visible in the background in the old picture can be seen on the extreme left in the new picture.

Sally’s Dad and Jonathan are standing by the back of the lot with the house in the distance. There are trees, gardens, sheds, flower beds and a porch there now.

On Friday afternoon I wandered around one last time. Here’s what the backyard looks like behind the gardens.

And here, just for comparison, is the neighbor’s backyard.

Anyway, on Thanksgiving, after dinner, Tim, Jonathan and I wanted to play Frisbee. Jonathan thought he had one at his place, so we drove over to get it. It looked rather old and beat up, but we took it back and began playing. With the third or fourth throw, a chunk of plastic fell out of the middle. We kept on playing and pieces kept falling out. After a half hour, we gave up. Here’s what the Frisbee looked like when we were done.

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  1. n8 says:

    looks like somebody bought that frisbee at about the same you bought your Datson B-210

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