Twins vs. Red Sox — July 13, 1991

On the way to a vacation in Minnesota, we stopped for a night in the Minneapolis area. I left my family by the swimming pool at our hotel and drove into town for a Twins game. I found a parking spot right across the street. I walked around the outside of the stadium, then entered and walked around the inside.



Because I only bought one ticket, I was able to get a great seat behind home plate, 18 rows up, in a direct line with the mound and second base. I was in the middle of a row with people all around, but they were polite and knowledgeable and very excited about their first-place Twins.

I liked the park better than I expected to. It was my first indoor baseball game, but that didn’t bother me at all. The weird thing was the smooth carpet that covered everything including the warning track. The only dirt was in the small patches around the mound and the bases. When the ball was hit in the air, I lost it against the white roof.

The park looked a lot smaller than it is. I was amazed to discover there were 42,803 people there, and the park wasn’t full. The Twins won 3-1

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I got mixed up after the game and ended up circling the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul area before finding the motel.

Twins vs. Red Sox — July 13, 1991

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