Waukegan Harbor Light — Lake Michigan

Saturday promised to be pleasant, and I was in the mood to take pictures. I drove up to Waukegan and wandered about the harbor. I strolled the length of the harbor breakwater where the harbor light sits. The current tower is all that remains of a much larger building that was built in 1889. It caught fire back in the 1960s and most of it was removed. The top has been replaced with a tiny beacon, and what is left is stubby and unimpressive.

Waukegan Harbor Light — September 20, 2008

Waukegan Harbor Light — September 20, 2008The Waukegan Harbor Light as originally constructed

There is another, smaller light on a second breakwater to the north. I thought it was funny that the guy pointing at the light is dressed just like it.

The harbor was a busy place. The breakwater was crowded with people fishing and people strolling. Boats passed up or down the channel frequently, including this police boat.

I also took some pans of Waukegan harbor.

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