White Sox vs. Orioles — May 15, 1990

I went to this game with three friends. We ate at the Rosebud in Little Italy. It cost $80 for the four of us. We started with fresh-made bread that was good enough to be a meal by itself. The salad, with the house dressing, was also excellent. Next came a side order of pizza bread that was awesome. I ordered spaghetti because I wanted to find out what authentic Italian spaghetti tasted like, but our waitress, an authentic Italian woman, talked me into getting the rigatoni instead. I’m glad I did. It was perfect — tasty but not too spicy. The serving filled a two-gallon bowl to the brim, and I managed to eat about half of it. I had the rest put in a doggie bag to take home, but I forgot it on the table.

From the Rosebud, we dashed to Comiskey Park for the White Sox/Orioles game. We missed the first three batters, but they didn’t do anything exciting. It was a well-played game, and Fisk’s home run in the eighth was a thriller. I had a great time, even though I was very full. The White Sox won 3-2.

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White Sox vs. Baltimore — May 15, 1990

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