White Sox vs. Red Sox — June 19, 1989

Sal’s parents took a three-day trip to Mackinac Island. Sal’s brothers Phil and Jonathan spent the time with us. I took off work, and Sally and I took them to this game. This was Phil’s first Major League game. For the third year in a row, I was taking a brother-in-law to his first game.

When we arrived, we discovered it was half-price night. Our seats were about 15 rows up from the field half-way between first base and the right-field foul-pole. Jonathan and Phil sat in the row directly in front of us. Sally spent the game dropping small pieces of paper down Phil’s neck. The game was exciting after the Sox got rid of their starting pitcher in the first inning. The first two Boston batters scored, but that was it. The White Sox won 8-2.

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White Sox vs. Red Sox — June 19, 1989

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