White Sox vs. Tigers — August 21, 1991

I went to the game with three friends. When we got to the park, we took some photos of the ever-decreasing Old Comiskey. I reached through the fence and picked up a small piece of brick from the walls.

We had time before the game started, so we visited the tiny White Sox Hall of Fame. The displays were poorly-done and crowded, and we only stayed perhaps 15 minutes.

I bought supper at the park — Polish sausage and curly fries. The game started 36 minutes late because ESPN was covering it. The wait for the first pitch was long, but it didn’t seem to take as long as the wait between pitches — this was a very slow game. It finally ended at 11:23. The fans around us were loud, rude, vulgar, and drunk, as is frequently the case at Sox games.

I finally got to see the new scoreboard explode, as the White Sox hit five home runs. but they still managed to lose 12-9. I got home at 12:40.

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White Sox vs. Tiger — August 21, 1991

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