A Christian Manifesto

by Francis Schaeffer
Category: "Theology"
Year of Publication:1981
Notes:Something fundamental has changed. Law and government no longer provide a foundation of justice and morality but have become the means of licensing moral perversions of all kinds. Education has become the enemy of religious truth and values. And the media have provided the means for propagating the change. Schaeffer shows why this has happened. First, he shows how we have failed to understand the problem. Second, he calls for a massive movement to reestablish the Judeo-Christian foundation and turn the tide of moral decadence and loss of freedom. Dr. Schaeffer is the author of 22 books and the founder of L'Abri Fellowship, an international study center. Throughout his work, Dr. Schaeffer has proclaimed the uncompromising truth of historic, biblical Christianity and its relevance for all of life.
My Rating: 7

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