Asterix and Cleopatra

by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny
Category: "Graphic Story"
Year of Publication:1966
Date Read:04/07/1999
Notes:Cleopatra is furious at Caesar because of his behaviour towards the Egyptian citizens. She bets with Caesar her people can build him a palace within three months. Numérobis gets the honour to do the job. With the thought of being a crocodile meal (if he fails) being his motivation. He travels to the village of the famous Gauls and asks his old friend Getafix for help. The village druid goes together with Asterix and Obelix to Alexandria to help Numérobis out. With the magic potion the palace soon gets its final form. Our friends even have some time left for a visit to the famous sphinx and pyramids.
My Rating: 8

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