At the Back of the North Wind

by George MacDonald
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Category: "Fiction - General"
Year of Publication:1871
Date Added:12/14/1998
Date Read:02/25/1996
Notes:This is a story of a poor stable boy living in Victorian London in which everyday lives are mysteriously enveloped by a power and a glory, personified here as a beautiful woman known as the North Wind. She visits the small boy, Diamond, and takes him with her on her journeys, teaching him about herself. Through the eyes of an innocent and yet perceptive child, MacDonald explores North Wind as a way of exploring the place of death in our lives. He looks squarely at social injustice — he knew poverty and the poor first hand — and yet also sees that the deepest need we have is for love and forgiveness, which are rooted in eternity.
My Rating: 4

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Review - At the Back of the North Wind

I was never sure what was happening.
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