Bardelys the Magnificent

by Rafael Sabatini
Category: "Fiction - Adventure"
Year of Publication:1910
Date Read:10/30/1999
Notes:The Marquis de Bardelys is a court favorite of Louis XIII who is goaded into a wager that he can woo and wed the country noblewoman, Roxalanne. Upon his arrival at the Lavédans' château, Bardelys is mistaken for someone else and is initially unable to correct the mistake. As Roxalanne and he get along, he finds himself afraid of the consequences should he reveal himself to be the notorious libertine Bardelys (whose reputation is exaggerated, anyway). Others jealous of Bardelys for various reasons complicate matters further, and before all is finally resolved, he stands for a while in real danger of losing his head. — Amazon
My Rating: 7

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