A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

by Mark Twain
List(s):"Carp 500"
Category: "Fiction - Adventure"
Year of Publication:1889
Notes:Hank Morgan, cracked on the head by a crowbar in 19th-century Connecticut, wakes to find himself in the England of King Arthur. The tough-minded Yankee, an embodiment of scientific enlightenment, faces a world whose idyllic surface only masks the dark forces of fear, injustice and ignorance. This acrobatic tour de force moves from broad comedy to biting social satire, and from the pure joy of wild high jinks to deeply probing insights into the nature of man, whose capacity for progress is matched only by his capacity for destruction.

COMMENTS — Mark Twain wrote this novel after reading Le Morte d’Arthur, by Thomas Malory.
My Rating: 7

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