Time and Again

by Jack Finney
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Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1970
Date Read:02/23/1996
Notes:“Sleep. And when you awake everything you know of the twentieth century will be gone from your mind. Tonight is January 21, 1882. There are no such things as automobiles, no planes, computers, television. ‘Nuclear’ appears in no dictionary. You have never heard the name of Richard Nixon.” Did illustrator Si Morley really step out of his 20th-century apartment one night — right into the winter of 1882? The U.S. Government believed it, especially when Si returned with a portfolio of brand-new sketches and tintype photos of a world that no longer existed — or did it?

COMMENTS — In the sequel, From Time to Time, Si travels back to the Titanic.
My Rating: 10

Reviews for Time and Again

Review - Time and Again

This is my fantasy. Not to live in the past, but to be able to visit with a camera and see it alive and in color. Finney must feel exactly the same way, he expressed it so well. There were a few inconsistencies, but overall it was super, romantic, thrilling and riveting.
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