Treason's Harbour

by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1983
Date Read:02/04/1999
Notes:Ninth in the Aubrey-Maturin series. All of Patrick O'Brian's strengths are on parade in this novel of action and intrigue, set partly in Malta, partly in the treacherous, pirate-infested waters of the Red Sea. While Captain Aubrey worries about repairs to his ship, Stephen Maturin assumes the center stage; for the dockyards and salons of Malta are alive with Napoleon's agents, and the admiralty's intelligence network is compromised. Maturin's cunning is the sole bulwark against sabotage of Aubrey's daring mission.
My Rating: 10

Reviews for Treason's Harbour

Review - Treason's Harbour

Excellent, as always. Aubrey takes his shipmates to the Red Sea to seek a French galley loaded with treasure. It turns out to be a trap — somebody warned the enemy. Stephen searches in Malta for the guilty party and helps a woman who is being blackmailed by the French who hold her husband hostage. The husband escapes, and Stephen manages to rescue the woman just before the French agent murders her. Jack finds out that his ship, the Surprise is about to be sold out of the service.
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