A Dangerous Mourning

by Anne Perry
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1991
Date Read:12/31/2007
Notes:Murder in an aristocratic London household pits Inspector William Monk against the Victorian sense of propriety, a bootlicking superior officer and a family's fierce desire to protect its reputation. A sequel to Perry's first Monk novel, The Face of a Stranger.
My Rating: 4

Reviews for A Dangerous Mourning

Review - A Dangerous Mourning

The basic plot concept is interesting enough — although the manner in which the death occurred is totally implausible. My issue with the book is that it consists mostly of the detectives discussing all the possible suspects over and over and over and over again. I don't think I've ever read a more redundant book. 250 pages could be removed from the middle and the story would remain the same.
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