Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

by Victor Appleton
Category: "Fiction - Chapter Books"
Year of Publication:1910
Date Added:07/31/2006
Date Read:12/29/1998
Notes:Subtitle: or Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure

Tom Swift is the protagonist in a series of children's adventure novels from the early twentieth century. The stories featured technology (especially transport technology) as the real star.

The books were written under the pseudonym Victor Appleton, who was really Howard Garis for most of the novels, and W. Bert Foster, John Duffield, and Thomas M. Mitchell for some others. The pseudonym was created by Edward Stratemeyer as part of his Stratemeyer Syndicate.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

Review - Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

I found one of the original editions of this book at a library book sale and since it was only $1 ...

Tom, his father and three of his friends build a submarine and race rivals for hidden treasure off Uraguay. They survive several dangers on the way, including capture by the Brazilian navy which threatens to have them shot. The writing is absolutely awful.
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