by Robert W. Creamer
Category: "Sports"
Year of Publication:1974
Date Added:08/05/2006
Date Read:05/01/1985
Notes:Subtitle: The Legend Comes to Life

Biography of George Herman (Babe) Ruth. Creamer paints a balanced picture, not dwelling on Ruth's many faults, but not glossing over them either. In the end, he presents a man who had no direction growing up and then was given anything he wanted. Ruth struggled greatly, and for the most part, unsuccessfully, to find a purpose apart from living large.
My Rating: 8

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Review - Babe

I wanted to like Babe Ruth. He was, quite simply, an astounding athlete who created a new way of playing baseball just because he wanted to. But it's hard to like him as a man. He was vulgar and crude. He was a womanizer (apparently he never messed with women who weren't willing, but there were plenty who were). He was selfish and without moderation. He could be kind, but he could also be very cruel. In short, he never had any moral base apart from concern for his reputation.
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